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macro declaration. In the future, we will obviously want macro namespacing. Any problems with old-timey namespacing? Like

"in macros.namespace" and "use macros.namespace" as a nod to CL?

'use macros'

Quote -- use like:

ast = quote -> code you want the AST of.

Weep, lisp implementers. Where's your Cons now?!?

mac quote ({args: [{body}]}, p, m) ->
  key = gensym()
  (root.quotes ?= {})[key] = body
  CS.nodes "deepcopy global.quotes['" + key + "']"

Aliasing ... and programmatic access to other macros generally, right now it looks like this. Stinky!

mac Q (n, parent, Macros) ->
  quote -> ref # forces quote to be compiled first
  Macros.macros.quote.compiled n